Sometimes you need a particular service and help that a small business can provide. However, recently, there have been a lot of small businesses that have similar offerings, how do you decide which one is best to serve your needs?

We have some tips for you to easily identify the quality of Small Businesses.


Online reviews

Most small businesses are already being reviewed by online review sites like Google My Business and Yelp. Reviewers give the customers a wealth of information about other shoppers’ experiences as well as shoppers leaving feedback about their own personal experiences. Just be careful of a few unwarranted reviews from disgruntled and unreasonable customers, but all in all, it is a good starting point to get a feel of the Small Business offering based on customer feedback.


Your Friends and Colleagues

If you already have profiles on social media sites and also have joined several forums and groups as well as real-world friends, you can ask them about a small business or run a poll or what they call “crowd-sourcing”.

Most can give you an idea that is generally more accurate than other online reviews from people you don’t know. Usually more details are already added automatically by friends eager to recommend or share their good or bad experiences with a particular small business.


Can the Small Business Owner Be Easily Reached?

Being able to interact and see the owner of the small business is a good sign. Although we understand that not all the time they may be able to see us one-on-one. Having the possibility of actually facing them is a good sign that you are buying from a reputable small business. An active and involved owner that cares for their customers is always a good sign.

Good owners will go as far as to be able to recall and recognize their avid customers by name, which adds to the appeal of their small business. It would also be good if these owners are featured in blogs, articles, community relations and social services, showing their involvement in the community.


Community Service Oriented

As mentioned above, a small business that you can see have a social responsibility is always a good sign especially if you see them featured by the media. These types of businesses that give back to the community are welcomed.


Are their Employees Happy?

When you get a cheerful response from their staff and employees, it will always be a good sign. If there is an absolute visible happiness and joy within their place of business including their employees, then that assures your that their business will have the same concern for their customers.


Clean and Attractive Environment

A disorganized, dirty and awful place of business even in their presentation of their brand, website and social media channels is a sign of how a small business thinks about what kind of experience their customer would want. Businesses that focus on an organized, clean and well-designed store, may it be virtual or brick and mortar ones, show the care and concern they have in their business.


Communications Channels Efficacy

Try and give a small business a call or a chat to see what kind of response you will get. How the business answers and how they communicate effectively, especially how responsive they are is a tell-tale sign of the type of business they have. Especially if they have good listening skills and have a friendly approach.


These are just simple ways that you will be able to be informed on what kind of small business you are dealing or want to deal with. This will give you a good idea especially when shopping online or availing certain services that you need.

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