For businesses based in Geelong, payroll management is a vital tool that can help you thrive. At KDF Bookkeeping, we have extensive experience in payroll processing. Our payroll management team will conveniently process the payrolls of your employees on a timely basis, whether this is weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We can also organise payment in between these time periods as required, when considering reasons such as termination or annual leave.


For your convenience, we make payments electronically to your employees from your bank, without any hassle. Also, we will be implementing a convenient system for the payment of your employees simultaneously with the processing of online payroll. After this process has been completed, we will then send the payslips directly to the employees who are being paid in the “pay run” and forward all current reports to you. Simple!

After the payroll process has been finalised, we subsequently calculate both PAYG and superannuation, which are then lodged to the correct authority whenever they are due. All of these payments will generate reports, which are sent directly to your business, containing up-to-date and accurate information. We also offer budgeting services for businesses that are looking to manage and optimise their outgoing payments.

We can process your weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll for you, without you having the hassle. We can also distribute Payment Summaries at the end of the financial year for your staff. For payment of employees, we are implementing a system where we can pay your staff as well as processing payroll.

Need help with your BAS statements?

This can be difficult for many business owners, luckily our registered BAS agents provide BAS preparation for Geelong businesses making lodging your BAS statements simple and easy.

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