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KDF Bookkeeping team up with businesses like yours to provide expert financial advice, bookkeeping and strategies that will have you compliant, in control and primed for success.

Many small businesses fail within the first five years, and often it’s because they have not been thorough with their paperwork and keeping track of their financials. Bookkeeping helps Geelong businesses achieve success – don’t put it in the too hard basket.

Bookkeeping is an essential part of any business to meet Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements. There’s a legal requirement to have your business financials in order. If the taxation department decided one day to undertake an audit on your business, you need everything to be up to date. KDF Bookkeeping are experts that help businesses stay on top of their financials, from payroll management to BAS preparation our bookkeepers will ensure you’re not only compliant, but primed for success. Read More

As your business relationship develops with us, we will start to understand your business and the key performance indicators. So many businesses fall into the trap that when an in-house bookkeeper leaves taking their knowledge of the business with them.

With an outsourced bookkeeping company you can be confident that the bookkeeping service will retain all the information about your business and keep good backup records with off-site storage facilities. We can quickly provide you with reports so you can track your sales patterns, any peaks and slow times, so you can plan ahead for such events. Your time is spent taking care of your business.

With KDF Bookkeeping completing your bookwork regularly, we will see patterns emerging and will bring matters to your attention that you could have overlooked.

When your accountant sees your figures, (usually months, or even years after the event) your circumstances have changed & the financials they see may not be true to your current financial situation. Our team will be there every step of the way to ensure your business receives the hands-on support it needs and deserves, we can even help you with your business’s budgeting and data entry to relieve the administrative strain on you or your staff.

With us there’s no need to purchase the hardware and software required, install them or deal with the upgrades to either.

5 Reasons to Choose KDF Bookkeeping Services

  • Take the stress out of your life – no need to stress about your paperwork
  • Free up your valuable time so you can focus on GROWING your business
  • Save you money and time by using an experienced bookkeeper– minimise inaccuracies
  • Get a precise picture of your business with good bookkeeping services – helps to make fast and effective decisions
  • Convenient – our professional bookkeepers come to you

KDF Bookkeeping are also specialists when it comes to cloud-based accounting systems, offering both Xero bookkeeping and MYOB bookkeeping services for Geelong businesses.

  • Xero


    For most small business owners, bookkeeping and accounting are their least favourite parts of the operation. You want to be...

  • MYOB


    At KDF Bookkeeping, our bookkeeping team members are highly qualified and highly skilled in Geelong-based MYOB support and setup. Let’s...

  • Dep Trinh Vegetables

    Kristie from KDF Bookkeeping has literally been a lifesaver. She has taken the burden away from myself trying to get everything done and done on time for the ATO!! She is very professional and very approachable. She answers all our questions in language we can understand. She is a assets to our business and will be to yours also!!

  • Jodie Blackney

    We have been using KDF bookkeeping services for over 7 years. They are amazing, great communication and excellent service. Highly recommended

  • Jessica Anderson

    KDF has taken the pressure off for me as a business owner, my staff love the service & I can concentrate on the front end of my business. KDF is reliable, prompt, professional & easily accessible to my staff should they have payment queries. Wouldn't go anywhere else- highly recommend any business to include KDF BOOKKEEPING SERVICES to their practise.

  • Carol Digby

    KDF Bookkeeping have managed my bookkeeping for almost 6 years. Kristie is invaluable and her knowledge and immediate attention to taxation matters, BAS, anything really is amazing. She is reliable and the communication lines are always open. If anyone is looking for a bookkeeper, highly recommend KDF

  • April Blackney

    We have been using Kristie from KDF Bookeeping now for 5 years Kristie knowledge is absolutely amazing -HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • Kirsty Wells

    As a mum and an owner/operator of a small business i was finding i was throwing all my time and energy into looking after my family and clients and never had time to look after my accounts properly. After a phone call to Kristie, she met with me in my home and we worked out a strategy of getting the business accounts up to where they need to be. after just one meeting she had me feeling less stressed and more together. Highly recommend

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    - Bookkeeper•••

    Maree is a qualified Bookkeeper. She has worked in her own business for 45 + years. She has experience with Business manager, MYOB and Xero.

  • Kristie-resized



    Kristie Fiorillo and has many years experience and understands exactly what it takes to run a small business.

  • Mel-resized



    Melissa comes from a small business background herself, managing the books for her parents business. Melissa works on our specialist area of the business by looking after the smaller or just starting out/growing businesses. Melissa has been with us for 3 years now.

  • Jodi - KDF Bookkeeping Geelong



    Jodi has been with us for over 10 years & is our calmest & most fuss free bookkeeper. Jodi has an extensive career in admin & accounts, working in office management & PA roles for many years. She is the perfect choice for our larger, higher needs clients as her attention to detail is amazing.

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