Listening is a good skill to learn when you are in a business. It is essential to learn from your customers and ask for feedback. Evaluate these feedbacks and monitor them whether it’s good or bad. Do more of the positive ones and for the negative ones, take note of them and work on it to improve whatever it is that is not working. There are certain roadblocks and problems on your business you may not be aware of; your customers however may see differently to give you a new perspective. It’s easier to solve them if you know what to solve. Negative feedback is as important as the positive one. It lets you see an opportunity for growth and progress!

There are different ways to do this, in-store or on your social media pages, online surveys, email surveys and the like. Make it easy for your customers to send these feedbacks which are so valuable for your business.

When you start growing, keep in touch with your customers, as much contact that you are able to have focus groups, you are able to call them up, measure how happy they are with your product and service. Use tools like Net Promoter Score, NPS and Customer Effort Score, CES to evaluate your customer satisfaction.

Always focus even on the smallest of details, this is where you can learn as much as you can with what your customer needs and want. You can explore tradeshows and call out a meeting so that you can stay on top of emerging ideas and opportunities on the areas of your market that you may not have identified yet. Even processes and technologies that will help you improve on how you do your business processes.

Most importantly, all these notes, tips and ideas are for naught if you don’t follow them and make the necessary changes. Flexibility and adaptability are important business traits that allow you to grow more rapidly. Being open to improvements and changes will help you business become a success in the future. Always develop a “growth” mindset.


This is the Fifth and the last of the series for the Article series: 5 Simple Steps for a Chance in Business Success

  1. Outsource Your Processes
  2. Review Your Current Financial Situation
  3. Keep Up With Bookkeeping Trends
  4. Are Employees and Stakeholders Involved?
  5. Listen to Customers and Clients

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