KDF Bookkeeping are big advocates for a paperless office so work with cloud based, bookkeeping solutions for our clients in Geelong (including Xero an Myob).

Some of the benefits are:

More office space

Back years ago we had big old metal filing cabinets, they took up a lot of space. Now that valuable office space can be used for something else like a Coffee machine.

Work flexibility

Sometimes we need to work from different locations. Gone are the days of lugging bags of paperwork and files around. Now everything we need can be accessed remotely via our network and emails.

Easy access

Before we had a paperless office we had to rely on making sure paperwork was filed correctly and in a timely manner. If something was misfiled, we could pretty much say goodbye to it forever. Electronic filing makes things easier than ever to find, even if something has been misfiled. Receipt bank is a tool that every business should have.


If we were to have a fire or flood in our physical location, paper records may be destroyed. Our computers are backed up at least daily on location and another secure location. This means that if we have a hardware failure we can still have access to all our information. With a paperless office, we’ll have a mess to clean up, but our information is still secure. KDF Bookkeeping Services pride ourselves on this.

Cloud Based Solutions

We’re a bookkeeping firm and LOVE paper – but we’re a cloud bookkeeping firm, so we’re also passionate about minimising paperwork. We are experts in Myob and Xero setup and can help your business transform, efficiently to a paperless office.

Environmentally friendly

Well that goes without saying … less paper, less trees cut down = better environment.
So with the right processes and technology in place, and with a little planning with the help of KDF Bookkeeping Services, you too can have a paperless office.  Contact us

Reducing the amount of paper you use can give you more flexibility and it obviously saves you bucket load of money. It does take some planning and it’s not something that you can do overnight.

This is how we got started:

  • Instead of filing paperwork away now we scan and save to our computer network.
  • We invested in a new multi function center – printer, copier, scanner. And the scanning function was super important because that was going to be our new best friend!
  • Each of the computers in our office has two screens. This means that information that we’d normally print can be viewed on the second screen while we work on the other. It’s the Best way to work
  • Archive all old paperwork and paper files. We created an archive register noting when the paperwork could be destroyed and arranged storage of the boxes at a secure facility. As the boxes are up for destruction, the facility destroys them securely.
  • Reports that used to be printed for our clients, we now convert to PDF and email.

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